For years, we have heard how people are tired of fundraisers. The school needs to have them, but we understand how time consuming they can be for our parents and students. We think we have found the solution.

Emerald Owl Productions is a professional laser show, lighting, sound, and entertainment company. They're family friendly and age appropriate laser light GLOW IN THE DARK parties bring an experience to River Bend that we have NEVER had before --- a professional production for our students and staff to have a memorable evening! The principal at Eastern Wayne Middle School in Goldsboro, NC says "It is like a night club that is safe and fun for kids!"

Not only does Emerald Owl bring a superior interactive experience, their fundraising model allows the school to keep a higher percentage of money than when we sell things! This could be our best fundraiser ever, but we need participation --- otherwise it is back to catalogs and selling more products!!!!

How does it work? Instead of selling items, you simply get pledges from people to participate in the Friday Night Lights: Glow Down Throw Down! It is much like Relay for Life or Hoops for Heart --- the more you get in pledges, the more cool things you get to do!

In addition to the glow party, you can play glow in the dark dodgeball, drench your best friend on CRAZY GAME DAY, and even completely SLIME your favorite teacher!!!!! This is going to be one WILD fundraiser --- one you will always remember! To see the full list of rewards go to the Thank You Rewards tab.

We are asking for all students to participate on at least the $25 pledge level even if you do not wish to attend. We encourage you to make your goal $100 which allows you to do glow in the dark dodgeball, bowling, game day, and slime time! To nominate who you would like to slime go to Who Gets Slimed on the side bar!

Any money you raise over $200 will go directly to your school trust fund account.

**To accept money through this website, students must go to the Registration tab and briefly make their own fundraising page by entering their information, like name and homeroom. Once you've created your own page, you can share it with your family or on social media to begin collecting donations online!**

Thank You River Bend Middle School!

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